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About Us 

Magnum Adventures began as an idea that all hunters should get what they paid for when booking a hunt or lease with an outfitter or individual.  The guiding principle is to bring only the best outfitters and lease opportunities to our customers.

Most of our team members grew up in the country with large amounts of family land to hunt and fish.  As we grew up, our professional lives took us to new cities and in some cases new states.  The land that we were accustomed to being able to hunt was now either too far to reach without a fair bit of planning or the land was bought and sold several times and was no longer accessible.  Since hunting was as much a part of our lives as breathing, we turned to outfitters, leases and the occasional friends with larger properties.  What we found was not all outfitters, lease properties or commitments from friends were equal.

Spending hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars to hunt for just a few days per year is the commitment we all have as hunters.  When considering the cost of guns, ammo, camo and all the accessories, the last thing that a person wants to do is book a hunt and carry all their expensive gear to the location just to find out that they have been sold a 2 star hunt for a 5 star price.

Whether your dream hunt is a leisurely stroll through a bird infested field or a legendary gun barrel melting web-footed shootout, our goal is to recommend the best of the best to provide stacks of personal photos, videos and plenty of stories to share with friends and family alike.

If you are looking for high quality hunting with a focus on customer service, book your next adventure with us.  Your continued feedback and support is greatly appreciated.  We'll see you in the fields.


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