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Magnum Style Barbeque Rub

This is a hand-made rub that goes well with any type of beef, pork, chicken or wild bird such as duck, goose or dove. As with any type of cooking the result is only as good as the raw ingredients. You’ll notice that there are references to particular brands of spices. Make no mistake; these are the best of the best ingredients. Many years of research and development went into finding the right blends. Don’t worry about having to go to some fancy specialty store. Most of the ingredients can be purchased conveniently online.


Combine all ingredients into a container where they can be mixed thoroughly. Rub liberally onto the meat. The idea is to create an artificial skin that will not only flavor the meat but help to seal in the natural juices. For best results, prep the meat with the rub and leave to marinate in the refrigerator overnight. Store any unused portions of the rub in an airtight container and keep in a dark, cool place.

Makes approximately 1 cup – enough to cover a 12 pound untrimmed brisket

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